A proposal for Behavioral Economics (descriptive theory) based on Traditional Microeconomics (normative theory).

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A EC tem sido amplamente aplicada a diversas áreas como saúde, educação, finanças, direito, políticas públicas e meio ambiente.

Basic Assumptions

Faced with traditional assumptions, which generate predictions and expected behaviors, BE supports bounded rationality, bounded self-interest, and bounded willpower.


X-Efficiency (1966);
Winner's curse (1971);
Calendar Effects on Finance (1976);
Cooperation (1981);
Intertemporal choice and many others.

"Velha" EC

Primeiros enfrentamentos às anomalias - a “Velha" Economia Comportamental de George Katona, Tibor Scitovsky e Herbert Simon.

"Nova" EC

Enfrentamentos mais recentes às anomalias – a “Nova" Economia Comportamental de Daniel Kahneman e Amos Tversky, Richard Thaler.


In addition to various theoretical works, many originating from insightful observation of reality, controlled experiments, natural experiments, surveys, computer simulation, econometrics and machine learning are used.